[LibX] Adding 360 Search to LibX

Stephen Francoeur Stephen.Francoeur at baruch.cuny.edu
Fri Jun 24 12:49:29 PDT 2011

Thanks  so much for changing the labeling on the LibX edition builder. I've now set up 360 Search for the toolbar I'm building but am finding that isn't working properly when I test it.

Here is a screenshot of the settings I entered:


When I run a test of 360 Search in the test page for our toolbar ("dickens" in the TITLE), I get an error message from 360 Search that suggests the syntax of the query is incorrect:


This the URL that appears in that 360 Search page with the error:


For what it's worth, here is a URL for a successful search made in the native interface for 360 Search:


Here's a screenshot of a successful title search for "dickens" in 360 Search's native interface:


In the "Catalogs and Databases" tab for the LibX edition builder, did I get the URL wrong for our 360 Search instance? Is there something else going on? Also, should I add our EZ Proxy prefix to that URL so that off campus users will get our authentication page first (you can't get to 360 Search off campus until you pass through EZ Proxy).

Thanks for any advice.


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> Serials Solutions Central Search, the old name for 360 Search, is an option in the pull down list of supported catalog types under Manual Configuration. We've been using that configuration and it still seems to work.
> Perhaps the name could be updated? I think this problem came up once before.

There's name confusion. I thought Link/360 is their XML API to query their OpenURL resolver.
Central Search (now 360 Search) is their (old?) federated search.
LibX has supported Central Search as a dedicated catalog type for some time. I renamed it now in the edition builder to '360 Search'.

 - Godmar
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