[LibX] Edition not found

M. Pola [BU Scientifico-Tecnologica E. Ferrari] michele.pola at unimore.it
Thu Jun 23 01:57:16 PDT 2011

Dear devel. team,

there is an edition of mine
that does not appear in the "All edition" list
(libx builder) nor in the "Select edition" list
of libx 2.0.

It is live.

These are my editions (7)

These are the results (6)

The missing one is
737EF5FD BU Medica Unimore (IT)
it is the latest one I created.

The direct link for 1.5.X works fine for FF and IE.
For the 2.0 beta versione I can't load the edition.

Thanks for your help

Michele Pola
Biblioteca Area
Scientifico-Tecnologica "Enzo Ferrari"
Università degli Studi di Modena e RE
Facoltà di Ingegneria
Via Vignolese 905/A - 41125 Modena Italia
Tel. ++39059-205.6175
Fax: ++39059-205.6277
Ufficio: 059-205.6308
michele.pola at unimore.it
personal: http://hattrickunited.org/palofc1989

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