[LibX] LibX author search in III Millennium catalog

Simon, Kenneth Kenneth.Simon at lmu.edu
Wed Jan 5 15:53:52 PST 2011

When I do an author search for “joe smith” from within the OPAC, the URL generated is:


When I begin in LibX, the URL generated is:


It’s the startlimit and endlimit that are causing the problem; if I remove those, everything works fine.

Does this help?


On 1/5/11 2:54 PM, "Godmar Back" <godmar at gmail.com> wrote:

I've seen this problem in the regular catalog (no LibX involved).

Perhaps file a complaint with III?

Otherwise, suggest how LibX could work around it (e.g., which URL we should create)

 - Godmar

On Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 3:41 PM, Simon, Kenneth <Kenneth.Simon at lmu.edu> wrote:
Hi Mike (and all),

Yes, we are running Millennium, and I can confirm that we see the same problem here!


Ken Simon | Reference and Instruction Technologies Librarian
Loyola Marymount University | William H. Hannon Library
Tel 310.338.7686 | kenneth.simon at lmu.edu

On 1/4/11 12:30 PM, "Lynch, Michael S." <lynch at middlebury.edu> wrote:

If I use LibX to do an author search in our Millennium catalog and (horrors!) type the name in directly rather than inverted (e.g. Joe Smith rather than Smith, Joe) the search is performed and, as expected, the Millennium catalog replies “Your entry Joe Smith would be here ------ Change search to Smith, Joe”
However, when I click on that Smith, Joe link, I get “Your entry Smith&startLimit=&endLimit= Joe would be here ------ Change search to  Joe, Smith&startLimit=&endLimit=”   Not quite as expected!  This catalog was added using Auto Detection, and this does not happen when I simply do a direct name search in the catalog.

Anyone else see this behavior in their III Millennium catalog using LibX?

Mike Lynch
Middlebury College

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