[LibX] Firefox 4 and LibX

Chang, Sheau-Hwang schang at bridgew.edu
Wed Jan 5 10:39:19 PST 2011

Thanks!  Do you have a timeline in mind?


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Thanks, Brian.  I assumed that would be the case.  I'm looking forward to the new toolbar.


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Yes, development for LibX 2.0 is still underway.  We are pushing for it to be released this February.

Since the last LibX 2.0 announcement, we have migrated libapps and preferences to the new LibX 2.0 framework.  We have been putting a lot of focus on libapps, including preference management for each libapp/module, and libapp localizations.  A significant amount of time was spent getting libapps to work with Google Chrome's API, but they are fully functional at this point.

We still need to complete the following, and we anticipate they will be relatively smaller tasks:
- full proxy support with a cleaner notification interface
- context menu support for Google Chrome
- testing the update code to ensure a smooth transition from LibX 1.5 to 2.0
- other internal improvements (such as object caching)

We will support LibX 2.0 for Firefox 3.0 and beyond; LibX 1.5 will be replaced entirely.


On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 3:42 PM, Maseles, Judy S. <MaselesJ at missouri.edu<mailto:MaselesJ at missouri.edu>> wrote:
LibX isn't compatible with the beta Firefox 4.  Are there still plans to change the LibX interface?

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