[LibX] LibX author search in III Millennium catalog

Lynch, Michael S. lynch at middlebury.edu
Tue Jan 4 12:30:17 PST 2011

If I use LibX to do an author search in our Millennium catalog and (horrors!) type the name in directly rather than inverted (e.g. Joe Smith rather than Smith, Joe) the search is performed and, as expected, the Millennium catalog replies "Your entry Joe Smith would be here ------ Change search to Smith, Joe"
However, when I click on that Smith, Joe link, I get "Your entry Smith&startLimit=&endLimit= Joe would be here ------ Change search to  Joe, Smith&startLimit=&endLimit="   Not quite as expected!  This catalog was added using Auto Detection, and this does not happen when I simply do a direct name search in the catalog.

Anyone else see this behavior in their III Millennium catalog using LibX?

Mike Lynch
Middlebury College
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