[LibX] LibApps update for LibX 2.0 beta

Brian Nicholson brn at vt.edu
Sat Aug 13 21:21:35 PDT 2011

We have updated the LibApps feed for LibX 2.0 beta users.  This feed is
mostly identical to the previous feed; however, it uses a format compatible
with the soon-to-be-released LibApp Builder.  If using the LibX 2.0 beta,
please update your feeds by clearing your cache (Developer > Clear cache in
the LibX popup).

The notification LibApps (such as "Spruce Up IMDB Visits" and "Point All
About Explorers to NYT") now provide a "Don't show me this again" link that
will prevent the popup from appearing on subsequent page visits.  These
options should appear in the LibX Preferences page under the "Libapps" tab.

I've included a brief summary and example page for each LibApp.  These
LibApps will be available in the LibApp Builder so edition maintainers can
customize them to be compatible with their own libraries.  Please try them
out and let us know if you find any bugs.


LibX Core Autolinking: Automatically links ISBNs, ISSNs, and PMIDs
ISBN: http://www.aw-wrdsmth.com/FAQ/isbn_upc.html
ISSN: http://en.citizendium.org/wiki/ISSN
PMID: http://en.citizendium.org/wiki/PMID

Link Amazon By ISBN: Adds a cue to Amazon resources

Autolink "Libya" on NYTimes.com: Automatically links all instances of the
word "libya" on NY Times

Engineering Village Author Tool: Adds popup tooltip to searches on
Engineering Village

Process COinS: Adds cues for COinS found in pages

Alert users to ACM digital library subscription: Adds a cue to the ACM
Portal page that shows a tutorial video when clicked

Point All About Explorers to NYT: Shows a popup video when visiting

Spruce Up IMDB Visits: Adds a cue next to Actor pages on IMDB and shows a
popup notification for all IMDB pages

Put Google Book results into Addison: Searching VT's Addison displays a
popup with Google Book results

Show Amazon Availability: Uses Summon to show the in-stock status for books
on Amazon (currently works only with VT edition, revision 18)

Link Google by Keyword: (currently not working)
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