[LibX] Firefox libX and Gmail problem

Victoria Lin weilin at hulmail.harvard.edu
Mon May 24 10:04:44 PDT 2010

Hi, over the weekend, a couple of our users reported problem with Firefox 
libx and Gmail, I was not able to replicate yet, I wonder if you have heard 
about it and have solutions.

message 1.
"Recently whenever I have had gmail open, Firefox slows down considerably, 
to a point where it is rather painful to use.  Through selectively 
disabling my add-ons, I discovered that this only happens when the LibX 
add-on is enabled..."

message 2.
"If I have a tab with Gmail in it and the LibX add-on enabled, firefox 
takes 20-50% of my CPU (40-100% of one hyperthreaded pseudo-CPU). If I 
disable LibX, or close the Gmail tab, or switch to the old version of 
Gmail, firefox's CPU usage goes down to 0% (bouncing occasionally to 5%).
If I disable LibX autolinking and all other LibX features in its 
preferences window (but leave LibX itself enabled), Firefox takes 15-35% of 
my CPU, so it helps, but not enough. "

thanks, Victoria


Victoria Lin
Systems Librarian
phone: 617-495-3724
email: weilin at hulmail.harvard.edu

Harvard University Library
Office for Information Systems
90 Mt. Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA. 02138
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