[LibX] Bundling a Zotero translator via a localization feed?

Duncan Johnson Dtjohnso at bju.edu
Fri May 21 08:33:43 PDT 2010

Hi everyone,

I'm a LibX newbie, and would like some input on something I was thinking of trying for my LibX edition. I'll try to summarize my use case and then describe my idea. Any input is appreciated!

My situation:
Part of our library catalog is only accessible on-campus, without any EZProxy access or anything like that. In this private catalog, we use a specialized MARC style that the standard Zotero translator does not quite interpret correctly.

I wrote a Zotero translator that handles our private catalog properly. Because the catalog is not publically available, it cannot be bundled into the Zotero core. One Zotero dev suggested that I build a light Firefox extension for our users that downloads the translator and adds it to the user's Zotero install.

My idea:
Can I either 
a) package my Zotero translator within my LibX edition directly (right now the File Management function only handles images...), or 
b) use Cue Management to pull in javascript that has access to chrome and can pull down the translator if needed


Duncan Johnson
Fundamentalism File, Mack Library
Bob Jones University
(864) 370-1800 x. 6020
dtjohnso at bju.edu

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