[LibX] Summon Autodetection feature added

Sony Vijay sony.vibh at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 21:43:29 PDT 2010

Dear LibX users,

LibX Edition Builder now supports "Summon Autodetection". You can now
configure a library search supported by Summon Catalog.

Totally, six search options are supported viz., Keyword, Author, Title,
Journal Title, Volume and Issue.

The heuristics is based on the URL. A summon is detected when the url ends
with "summon.serialssolutions.com"

To activate a Summon Library follow the steps below:

1) Select an edition in the "My Editions" tab. Select a revision and click
the "Open Revision (Modify) Button".

2) Go to the Catalogs and Databases tab and enter the appropriate URL (eg:
umkc.summon.serialssolutions.com) in the Autodetection section.

3) This would lead to a successful probe and a message "Found Summon
Catalog" is displayed.

4) Click the "Add" Button next to this message to configure this library.

5) Go to my editions tab and build your revision by clicking the "build
revision" button.

6) Use the "revision test page" to test and install the LibX edition for
your browser.

LibX Team.
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