[LibX] Libx stats

M. Pola [BU Scientifico-Tecnologica E. Ferrari] michele.pola at unimore.it
Thu Mar 4 08:14:33 PST 2010

I recently created a second edition with my libx account
on Edition Builder.

The stats are now duplicated:
Edition ID

	Description 	update.rdf 
(unique) 	update.rdf 
(total) 	Firefox <http://libx.org/stats/viewstats.php?orderBy=ff_unique>
(unique) 	MS IE <http://libx.org/stats/viewstats.php?orderBy=ie_unique>
(unique) 	Both <http://libx.org/stats/viewstats.php?orderBy=both_unique>
(unique) 	Both <http://libx.org/stats/viewstats.php?orderBy=both_total>
94656DE1 <http://libx.org/stats/getlog.php?id=94656DE1> 	BU Economia S. 
Brusco Unimore (IT) 	40 	175 	40 	17 	57 	406
71231233 <http://libx.org/stats/getlog.php?id=71231233> 	BUST Enzo 
Ferrari Edition 	40 	175 	40 	17 	57 	406

the 94656DE1 <http://libx.org/stats/getlog.php?id=94656DE1> is the 
newest and it has been done "live" just... today :)
So it's impossibile it could have 406 downloads.

Is it a stats problem or something bad done by me?

Thanks :D

Michele Pola
Biblioteca Area
Scientifico-Tecnologica "Enzo Ferrari"
Università degli Studi di Modena e RE
Facoltà di Ingegneria
Via Vignolese 905/A - 41125 Modena Italia
Tel. ++39059-205.6175
Fax: ++39059-205.6277
Ufficio: 059-205.6308
michele.pola at unimore.it
personal: www.ht-arena.com/palofc1989

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