[LibX] UI Feedback: LibX Prototype

Campbell, James (jmc) jmc at virginia.edu
Thu Jul 22 07:58:13 PDT 2010

My public services colleagues tell me the two things that do most to sell LibX are the cues in Amazon and the "magic button." The button wows everyone who sees a demonstration and whoever thought of that combination of Google Scholar and a resolver should get a medal (well, maybe a grant). I hope it will be possible to keep an easily accessible version of the button in any browser that supports drag & drop.

      - Jim Campbell

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On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 7:54 PM, Scott Gordon <sr.gordon at qut.edu.au> wrote:
> I have just installed the prototype & have an observation (first thing
> that came to me when trying it out). DRAG & DROP: I realise there are
> different ways of building a simple query e.g. context menu (yet to be
> implemented in the new edition). For more complex queries that use more
> than one input you can add search items & type the query in. However the
> previous "toolbar" version used to allow drag & drop for building this
> up (rather than typing - e.g. draging from a page which contains the
> different items you want to seach on). The current state of the
> prototype doesn't seem to let this "drag & drop" interaction happen.
> Maybe it's only me who used LibX this way - BUT would be nice if this
> way of building complex queries was still available in the 2.0
> incarnation. Would require the new input interface staying available/on
> top when interacting with the current web page (doable?). Hope you guys
> get what I mean?

In Chrome, it would probably not be possible. The browser action is
not sticky, and clicking outside the area will close it - something we
don't control.

In Firefox, we could perhaps make it sticky (technically), but I don't
think we will unless there's really great demand for this feature or
unless it's really simple to implement (it might be, perhaps the
window can stay open and have a "close" button.)

As for drag-n-drop for single strings, Chrome doesn't support it yet
at all; in Firefox, we will support the LibX button as drop target and
use it for the default search in the selected catalog/search type.

 - Godmar
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