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We believe that on balance, the new layout is preferable because it saves
screen real-estate. Note that the developers of the Google Chromium browser
don't even allow plug-ins that provide toolbars. This is how strongly they
feel about this issue. A number of design groups without the Firefox project
take a similar approach.

I'm afraid to say we probably won't have the resources to support the old
interface. It would means supporting a significant amount of
browser-specific code which would contribute to the complexity of LibX's
codebase and reduce the resources we'll have for what we believe to be the
interesting parts, which is the integration of services into web pages a
user looks at.

That said, if the issue is with the required extra click, we could
ameliorate this somewhat by providing a hot-key. We could also create an
in-page or bookmarklet version (Brian prototyped this already) so a user can
have a LibX search widget window open all the time, perhaps on their
desktop. In addition, there will be context menu support, so tasks that
involve selecting text, then searching for it, should still be quick.

Thank you for this feedback; I'm sorry we won't have the resources to
accommodate every design wish.

 - Godmar

On Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 9:10 AM, Maseles, Judy S. <MaselesJ at missouri.edu>wrote:

>  It would be desirable to allow users to decide if they want the minimized
> LibX icon or the current LibX display.  I prefer having the search box
> available without an extra click as do many of the faculty in the College of
> Engineering.
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