[LibX] UI Feedback: LibX Prototype

Scott Gordon sr.gordon at qut.edu.au
Wed Jul 21 16:54:29 PDT 2010

 Hi all,

First off - well done Godmar et al on kicking LibX along.

I have just installed the prototype & have an observation (first thing
that came to me when trying it out). DRAG & DROP: I realise there are
different ways of building a simple query e.g. context menu (yet to be
implemented in the new edition). For more complex queries that use more
than one input you can add search items & type the query in. However the
previous "toolbar" version used to allow drag & drop for building this
up (rather than typing - e.g. draging from a page which contains the
different items you want to seach on). The current state of the
prototype doesn't seem to let this "drag & drop" interaction happen.
Maybe it's only me who used LibX this way - BUT would be nice if this
way of building complex queries was still available in the 2.0
incarnation. Would require the new input interface staying available/on
top when interacting with the current web page (doable?). Hope you guys
get what I mean?

Happy prototyping...


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