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I think we'll also need to provide a way where a configuration is activated
based on which edition a user has currently installed - in addition to the
autosensing Brian described.

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On Jul 20, 2010 5:09 PM, "Brian Nicholson" <brn at vt.edu> wrote:
> We do plan to keep the design where users will load their editions after
> plugin installation. This design allows us to release a generic LibX
> that can be easily updated and distributed without having to build a new
> plugin for each edition/browser whenever a change is made.
> By "find the correct edition", do you mean that you are concerned about
> users having to type in or locate the correct edition? Remember that
> editions can be automatically detected if users are at their editions'
> pages; thus, you could simply give users a link to your edition's page for
> them to go to after they install the plugin. Eventually, we'll put this
> generic LibX 2.0 installation link on each edition page. You could then
> just point users to your edition page and have them install LibX from a
> on that page, and after the installation, their edition will be
> without any extra steps.
> For anyone interested in clearing their edition and starting from scratch
> (perhaps to test automatic edition loading), you can do the following:
> Firefox:
> - Type about:config in your location bar and press enter. Take heed of the
> warning, then click the button.
> - In the Filter: box, enter "libx.edition.configurl" (without quotes).
> Right click the item that comes up, and select "Reset".
> - Restart Firefox.
> Chrome:
> - Right click the LibX button and choose "Inspect popup".
> - Enter "localStorage.clear()" (without quotes), and press Enter.
> - Restart Chrome.
> Brian
> On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 2:47 PM, Peter Jorgensen <
> p.jorgensen at lincolnlibraries.org> wrote:
>> I trust that the extra step of having to find the correct edition after
>> installation will not be needed when this is the real thing?
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>> Subject: [LibX] LibX Prototype
>> As everyone knows, we are currently developing LibX 2.0, and we would
>> users to try out a prototype so we can get feedback of the new design.
>> prototype is only available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
>> You can download the latest LibX prototype at these locations:
>> http://libx.org/releases/ff/libx2-20100716.xpi (Firefox)
>> http://libx.org/releases/gc/libx2-20100716.crx (Chrome)
>> Please note that for Firefox, if you currently have a LibX edition
>> installed, you should either 1) create a new profile for testing the
>> prototype, or 2) uninstall the LibX edition before installing this
>> prototype.
>> We hope that installation of your LibX edition is intuitive, but here's a
>> brief overview of the installation procedure:
>> After downloading the LibX plugin for either Chrome or Firefox, you
>> should see a button labeled LibX 2.0 appear to the right of the address
>> this is the LibX button that will replace the LibX toolbar. There are two
>> ways obtain a specific edition for your installation:
>> 1. Manually find your edition: Click the LibX button to open a popup
>> containing a search field. Type the name of your library's edition, then
>> select it from the autocompletion dropdown. Make sure the information
>> matches your edition, then click "Load this edition".
>> 2. Automatically install your edition using autosensing: From the LibX
>> Edition Builder, go to either your edition's download page (where you
>> normally download your edition-specific plugin), or your edition's test
>> (where you would test changes made from the edition builder). Click the
>> LibX button. The edition should automatically be detected and loaded.
>> As this is only a prototype, a number of features (such as context menus
>> and proxy support) have not yet been included. However, everything that
>> been implemented so far should be robust. Please let us know if there are
>> any bugs or oddities--however minor they may be. And, of course, we'd
>> to hear your feedback on the new design in general.
>> Thank you,
>> Brian
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