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Campbell, James (jmc) jmc at virginia.edu
Tue Jul 20 08:31:27 PDT 2010

I had a similar reaction. This is a wonderfully simple and elegant interface and I hate to suggest elaboration, but many users are sadly not adventurous, and the problem is getting them to make that first click to see the other options.  Perhaps just adding the more or less universal pull down symbol, the down facing triangle, after each link with a menu?

Installation and finding the version worked very well and I love saving that toolbar space, especially on my netbook.

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Really, really love what I see so far.  Great work!  You're making it silly easy to be an "impressive librarian" on my campus.  :)

On confusing thing for me - I *knew* I had a JSTOR search option, and I didn't immediately find it, because intuitively, I thought clicking on the "UT Arlington Library Catalog" link would take me to the catalog, not show me other search options.  I eventually found it, so maybe it's not a big deal - I appreciate the clean, clutter-free full-view, and don't know if there would be a better way to indicate other search options without creating too many links on the screen.


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Just given both the chrome and firefox editions a spin and I love the new untrusive UI .. It picked up my edition during post install and so far works like a charm

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As everyone knows, we are currently developing LibX 2.0, and we would like users to try out a prototype so we can get feedback of the new design.  This prototype is only available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

You can download the latest LibX prototype at these locations:
http://libx.org/releases/ff/libx2-20100716.xpi (Firefox)
http://libx.org/releases/gc/libx2-20100716.crx (Chrome)

Please note that for Firefox, if you currently have a LibX edition installed, you should either 1) create a new profile for testing the prototype, or 2) uninstall the LibX edition before installing this prototype.

We hope that installation of your LibX edition is intuitive, but here's a brief overview of the installation procedure:

After downloading the LibX plugin for either Chrome or Firefox, you should see a button labeled LibX 2.0 appear to the right of the address bar; this is the LibX button that will replace the LibX toolbar.  There are two ways obtain a specific edition for your installation:

1. Manually find your edition: Click the LibX button to open a popup containing a search field.  Type the name of your library's edition, then select it from the autocompletion dropdown.  Make sure the information shown matches your edition, then click "Load this edition".

2. Automatically install your edition using autosensing: >From the LibX Edition Builder, go to either your edition's download page (where you would normally download your edition-specific plugin), or your edition's test page (where you would test changes made from the edition builder).  Click the LibX button.  The edition should automatically be detected and loaded.

As this is only a prototype, a number of features (such as context menus and proxy support) have not yet been included.  However, everything that has been implemented so far should be robust.  Please let us know if there are any bugs or oddities--however minor they may be.  And, of course, we'd like to hear your feedback on the new design in general.

Thank you,
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