[LibX] bookmarklet idea

Jonathan Rochkind jonathan at dnil.net
Fri Jul 16 11:30:48 PDT 2010

I just had an idea, and I'm wondering if it's occured to anyone else.

LibX is a browser plugin, which needs a custom plugin wrapper for  
every browser you want it to work in. Currently FF, IE sort of, maybe  
some day Safari, maybe some day other browsers that accept plugins  
(each one requires a buncha work, which is why they don't exist yet),  
browsers without plugins out of luck.

But what if.... we provided a javascript 'bookmarklet' which, when the  
user activated it, would actually load in all the Javascript neccesary  
for LibX, and apply it to the page being viewed as appropriate for  
existing LibX configuration.

It wouldn't be automatic like the plugin, the user would have to be  
looking at a page and think "Gee, I bet the library thing can do  
something for me here, let's click the button and find out". But it  
could be made in just about any browser with sufficient Javascript  
support for LibX, without the need to write a browser specific plugin  
wrapper.  Some users might even prefer it for otherwise supported  
browsers, not sure.

(iPhone Safari _does_ support javascript bookmarklets!  Although  
getting them onto your iPhone Safari takes an iTunes sync).

Anyone thought of this before? What do you think?

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