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Campbell, James (jmc) jmc at virginia.edu
Thu Jul 1 07:04:26 PDT 2010

It seems to be the season for adapting LibX to new catalog interfaces.  We have a homegrown interface at virgobeta.lib.virginia.edu and I've been working on the LibX version that we use on our public computers.  Thanks to Godmar's message yesterday, I got the search configuration done and the catalog searches all work fine from the test page and the search box.

Where I'm having a problem is the context menu.  When I block some text and right-click, I don't get the catalog as an option, just WorldCat or Google Scholar.  When I checked my preferences, I realized that none of the catalog search options had been installed as a default, so I turned them on manually. But they still don't appear when I right click.   In Bookmarklet Search Options, I do have the box for the context menu checked for all the catalog searches.

      - Jim Campbell

      Digital Access Librarian | Librarian for German
      University of Virginia Library | Charlottesville, VA 22904-4112

      513 Alderman | campbell at virginia.edu | 434-924-4985

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