[LibX] in Firefox 3.5 LibX is underlining phone number as if theywere ISBN

M. Jean Williams-Adams mjean.williamsadams at famu.edu
Thu Jan 28 09:31:27 PST 2010

On another note, I have iGoogle as my home page and can not install the
Libx toolbar on the iGoogle page.  Responses/resolutions anyone?


M Jean Williams Adams
Systems Librarian
Florida A&M University
Coleman Library
Tallahassee, FL 32307-4700
Phone:  (850) 561-2131
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theywere ISBN


Hi, we just noticed that when using Firefox 3.5, LibX is underlining
some phone numbers in our staff directory because it thinks they are
ISBN numbers. For example on
=IBN&request=6174968294>  and 617-495-2452
=IBN&request=6174952452>  are underlined, while other phone numbers are

our libx is version 1.5.13 rebuilt on Jan 25, 2010, I tested the old
versions, happens there too. Could not replicate in IE. 


Victoria Lin 
Systems Librarian 
Harvard University Library 
Office for Information Systems 
90 Mt. Auburn St 
Cambridge, MA 02138 
Tel: 617-495-3724 
Email: weilin at hulmail.harvard.edu 

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