[LibX] Unsolicited testimonial

Campbell, James (jmc) jmc at virginia.edu
Fri Jan 22 08:01:28 PST 2010

The quick response just now from the LibX community and from Godmar reminded me again how much I like this thing.  Every time I make some little change to our version, I think how much benefit we've gotten from LibX with so little investment of staff time.  I've been the victim of a lot of products that promised to make life better for users and easier for library staff. LibX and LibGuides are just about the only ones that actually came though on the easier promise.  The LibX developers are to
be congratulated for their concern with both the user and the admin interfaces.

I always think this when I work with LibX and thought just once maybe I ought to say it.

      - Jim Campbell

      Digital Access Librarian | Librarian for German
      University of Virginia Library | Charlottesville, VA 22904-4112

      513 Alderman | campbell at virginia.edu | 434-924-4985

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