[LibX] LibX has enabled 3.6 compatibility

Pikas, Christina K. Christina.Pikas at jhuapl.edu
Thu Jan 21 13:28:25 PST 2010

Too late! My users have already updated (gosh they're quick)


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Maintainers need to create & test a new revision of their editions and
push it if they wish for their LibX edition to support 3.6. This is
best done before Mozilla turns on the "There's a new version of
Firefox" flag which will signal to end user they can/should update.

Since so far we've had very little compatibility issues with the 3.0
and 3.5 transition, I'll look into adding an "auto" update option
which, when checked, will automatically rebuild your live revision on
a major version update. But 3.6 took us a bit by surprise (Mozilla had
said Q1/2010 which usually means March...)

 - Godmar
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