[LibX] edition builder upgrade: support for VUFind, Summon, Primo

Duncan Johnson Dtjohnso at bju.edu
Fri Aug 6 05:33:00 PDT 2010

Looks great! I got an error this morning, not sure if it's a loose end left over from the upgrade. When I clicked on the button to change ownership of my edition, I got this message:

The server is temporarily out of service.
Would you like to try again?

(missing ) after argument list)

>>> On 8/5/2010 at 12:44 AM, Godmar Back <godmar at gmail.com> wrote:
> We updated the edition builder.
> Some updates are internal: we're now using the version 5.0 of the ZK CE
> framework. This means the layout looks slightly different, and we removed
> the shadows. Hopefully, some of the layout artifacts will be gone and the
> resizing should work more robustly.
> The edition builder now remember if you were logged on, as long as you don't
> close the browser. It doesn't remember which edition you had open if any,
> though.
> Support for new catalogs:
> VUFind:
> http://plus.mnpals.net/vufind/Search/Home?lookfor=&date1=&date2=&sort=&type=all&l 
> ibrary=GAC
> Summon:
> http://umkc.summon.serialssolutions.com 
> Primo:
> http://bibliotheque.uqac.ca/ 
> http://www.library.emory.edu:32888/DB=primo1 
> VUFind and Summon are implemented as URL templates (aka 'bookmarklets' in
> the edition builder's misleading lingo). That is, we detect them and
> formulate an appropriate bookmarklet expression. Primo is implemented as a
> first-class catalog, because of its complex structure.
> Kudos go to Sony Vijay, who implemented most of this code with help from me,
> as a warm-up to familiarize herself with the edition builder. She is
> currently working on the server-side interface for the Libapp builder that
> will allow customizations of cues in LibX 2.0
>  - Godmar

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