[LibX] edition builder upgrade: support for VUFind, Summon, Primo

Godmar Back godmar at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 21:44:11 PDT 2010

We updated the edition builder.

Some updates are internal: we're now using the version 5.0 of the ZK CE
framework. This means the layout looks slightly different, and we removed
the shadows. Hopefully, some of the layout artifacts will be gone and the
resizing should work more robustly.

The edition builder now remember if you were logged on, as long as you don't
close the browser. It doesn't remember which edition you had open if any,

Support for new catalogs:




VUFind and Summon are implemented as URL templates (aka 'bookmarklets' in
the edition builder's misleading lingo). That is, we detect them and
formulate an appropriate bookmarklet expression. Primo is implemented as a
first-class catalog, because of its complex structure.

Kudos go to Sony Vijay, who implemented most of this code with help from me,
as a warm-up to familiarize herself with the edition builder. She is
currently working on the server-side interface for the Libapp builder that
will allow customizations of cues in LibX 2.0

 - Godmar
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