[LibX] MPL and local edition code

Varnum, Ken varnum at umich.edu
Tue Nov 3 13:45:33 PST 2009

I guess the question is, to stay in compliance with MPL, do we need to have downloadable code for the specific configuration for our edition - or are the changes we make simply to configuration files that have no effect on the open-source code?  (We haven't made changes to the core code, to my knowledge.)


On 11/3/09 4:31 PM, "Godmar Back" <godmar at gmail.com> wrote:

I'd much rather discuss how we could integrate any improvements into LibX than the technicalities of the MPL license.  Perhaps you could post a patch for perusal?  That would also make the code modifications available.

 - Godmar

On Tue, Nov 3, 2009 at 4:15 PM, Varnum, Ken <varnum at umich.edu> wrote:
It's been pointed out to me that the terms of the Mozilla Public License under which LibX is distributed require that local editions - or any code with binary distribution -- requires that the code modifications be made available (Section 3.2. of the MPL version 1.1).  Is there a way to link to the code itself on the LibX site to stay in compliance with the MPL?  Or is this not needed?


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