[LibX] Removing cues from one catalogue, redux

Glenn, Jacob jkglenn at umich.edu
Fri Jun 12 11:40:01 PDT 2009

We ran up against the same problem here when adding COinS to HathiTrust, and
it's going to come up again when we officially launch our VuFind-based
catalog. This is why I made a point of asking Godmar about cue scoping
during the LibX breakout session at code4lib back in February. We really
need this feature; otherwise that global block list is about to become very

Jake (local LibX instigator)

On 6/12/09 10:34 AM, "William Denton" <wtd at pobox.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> We're setting up VuFind at York University (in Toronto); by default it has
> COinS metadata in its pages.  Because we have LibX on all the library
> computers, OpenURL cues appear everywhere, and it's starting to confuse
> people when they look at a book in our catalogue and they're told to press
> a button to see if we have it.
> Whether it's possible to remove cues from one catalogue was asked and
> answered here last September:
>         http://www.mozdev.org/pipermail/libx/2008-September/000424.html
> Godmar said, "In the current LibX, this must be hardcoded and can't be
> configured on a per-edition basis (our upcoming framework, LibX 2.0, will
> allow edition maintainers to specify such parameters)."
> I assume this is still the case, so is there an expected date for a stable
> 2.0 release?  I think we'll have to remove the COinS from our pages until
> we can move up to 2.0, which makes our catalogue less confusing for our
> users but less useful for the rest of the world.
> Bill
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