[LibX] Removing cues from one catalogue, redux

William Denton wtd at pobox.com
Fri Jun 12 07:34:16 PDT 2009


We're setting up VuFind at York University (in Toronto); by default it has 
COinS metadata in its pages.  Because we have LibX on all the library 
computers, OpenURL cues appear everywhere, and it's starting to confuse 
people when they look at a book in our catalogue and they're told to press 
a button to see if we have it.

Whether it's possible to remove cues from one catalogue was asked and 
answered here last September:


Godmar said, "In the current LibX, this must be hardcoded and can't be 
configured on a per-edition basis (our upcoming framework, LibX 2.0, will 
allow edition maintainers to specify such parameters)."

I assume this is still the case, so is there an expected date for a stable 
2.0 release?  I think we'll have to remove the COinS from our pages until 
we can move up to 2.0, which makes our catalogue less confusing for our 
users but less useful for the rest of the world.

William Denton, Toronto : miskatonic.org www.frbr.org openfrbr.org

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