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We're still having a problem with the Google cues, using the revision that I made live today.
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Yes, we made a mistake when we ran the script first (at about 1pm EDT). That build does not have a correct update.rdf (see http://libx.org/editions/B5/2B/B52BB6A8/update.rdf where it says: <em:maxVersion>3.0.*</em:maxVersion> )
I corrected the bug around 4pm or so and repeated the built for all live editions (though didn't send another email). For you, there's a test revision at: http://libx.org/editions/B5/2B/B52BB6A8.8/update.rdf which states the correct maxVersion. If you make that live, updates should work.
 - GodmarOn Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 12:55 PM, John Bickar <jbickar at stanford.edu> wrote:I'm getting a "no updates available" message even though I rebuilt my edition and made it live yesterday. I have already tested it on other computers with FF 3.5 and the rebuilt version (1.5.7) works; however, I have found the following sequence of steps results in the "no updates available" message:
-Have LibX v. 1.5.6 (the pre-June-30th version) installed on FF 3.0.11
-Upgrade FF to 3.5
-LibX gets disabled
-Go to Tools->Add-ons in FF and click "Find Updates"
-LibX version shows as 1.5.6 and it says "No updates found"
I seem to remember there being a delay before the "update available" bit was set, but I thought manually clicking "Find Updates" overrode that?
Build ID is B52BB6A8.
-John Bickar
Stanford University
Godmar Back wrote:
Correct - it should work if built after June 13.
I have just started a script that will rebuild all 1498 live editions and send an email to the edition maintainer explaining what action is required if your live revision was not rebuilt after June 13.
In short, unless it was built after June 13, you need to test and "make live" your test revision to ensure your users will have an update available when they update to 3.5. Otherwise, LibX will be disabled (though the browser will continue to check for compatible updates should they later become available.)
 - GodmarOn Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 1:09 PM, Campbell, James (jmc) <jmc at virginia.edu <mailto:jmc at virginia.edu>> wrote:
   This was discussed here a couple of weeks ago. The LibX folks
   reported having tested successfully with 3.5, added it to the list
   of FF versions compatible with LibX, and recommended a rebuild.      It’s working fine for me. Unlike half my other add-ons.
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   I just rebuilt and it worked fine for me.
   On Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 9:58 AM, Dan Sich <dansich at gmail.com   <mailto:dansich at gmail.com>> wrote:
   I'm seeing some posts in twitter suggesting that LibX won't work
   with Firefox v 3.5.  Will a re-build surmount this problem, or is
   there more work to be done under the hood at the developer end?
   Dan Sich
   University of Western Ontario
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