[LibX] LibX extension for IE version 1.0 released

Victoria Lin weilin at hulmail.harvard.edu
Thu Jan 8 08:09:25 PST 2009

Hi, is LibX IE 1.0 still a beta version?  is the FAQ # 5 still true?, it says
"Nevertheless, we recommend you use the Firefox browser with LibX. 
Firefox's extension technologically is vastly more mature than IE's."


At 04:49 PM 12/3/2008 -0500, Arif Khokar wrote:
>We now have version 1.0 of the LibX extension for IE out. We've addressed 
>the all users install issue, and added a first run dialog to allow users 
>to enable or disable the toolbar component as needed. As always, please 
>rebuild your edition to see these changes.
>Arif Khokar
>aikhokar at cs.vt.edu
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