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Godmar Back godmar at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 20:13:44 PDT 2009

Setting "Search Form" to 2 in the Optional Settings for this III catalog
will produce this syntax (the one with SEARCH=...). (See

To tell you the truth, since we reverse-engineered all of this, we didn't
know why and when III was choosing between those search forms - we saw some
using this one, some using that one, so we thought they were site settings.

Are they adaptive behavior, based on characters in search terms - say those
containing a ., or are they site settings?
(The . would not cause an issue at this point in the URL with respect to
ambiguity of parsing - but when it comes to III, logic and reason are not
good guides.) Should we use form 2 when the term contains dots?

 - Godmar

On Mon, Aug 3, 2009 at 11:54 AM, Mark Mounts <mark.mounts at dartmouth.edu>wrote:

> Doing a search for "worldcat.org" with the period in the search term fails
> when using libx with the keyword search option for our catalog, but works
> fine when using the native keyword search in our catalog. When I use the
> title search option for our catalog in libx it works fine.
> edition: 0A381CCE
> catalog: Innovative
> the URL that gets generated by libx for the keyword search is
> http://libcat.dartmouth.edu/search/X?worldcat.org&startLimit=&SORT=R&endLimit=
> the native catalog generates this url
> http://libcat.dartmouth.edu/search/X?SEARCH=worldcat.org&searchscope=1&SORT=D&Da=&Db=&p=
> Mark Mounts
> Dartmouth College Library
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