[LibX] New IE LibX toolbar release

Godmar Back godmar at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 10:44:59 PDT 2008

This is the first time I hear this - is it known as in you submitted a
bug report or RFE?

This is not something that's easily fixed - the extension model of IE,
which works in both non-tabbed IE6 and tabbed IE7, is unaware of tabs
and creates a new LibX toolbar instance for each window or tab.  As a
matter of fact, some options are purposefully hidden from us - we
cannot, for instance, override the user's preferences as to whether a
new link is opened in the same or a new window.

It may be possible, with some difficulties, to synchronize their
state; how do other toolbars handle this issue (from the user's

 - Godmar

On Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 11:00 AM, Jacob Glenn <jkglenn at umich.edu> wrote:
> Any idea as to if/when tabbed browsing in IE will be fixed? I realize this
> is a known issue (the toolbar state appears to be bound to each tab) but for
> me it's kind of a showstopper. I just rebuilt and tested our edition and
> this doesn't seem to be fixed in the latest build.
> Jake
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> On 9/22/08 7:06 PM, "Arif Khokar" <aikhokar at cs.vt.edu> wrote:
>> We released a new build of the IE version of the LibX toolbar.  This
>> build no longer displays script error prompts.  Autolinking is supported
>> as well.
>> Please rebuild your editions and let us know if you encounter problems.
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