[LibX] LibX for IE and eCollege

Chang, Sheau-Hwang schang at bridgew.edu
Fri Sep 12 07:40:12 PDT 2008


Help!  Help!  

Our library just had our IT add IE library toolbar to the image and
deploy it to the desktops on the entire campus at the beginning of this
semester.  As we are a Microsoft campus, Firefox is not allowed to
appear in the image.  

Now, I was just told by our IT folks that they are going to take down
the library toolbar because it is causing trouble with Outlook's message
preview pane.  When our users right-click anywhere in that pane, a
pop-up will show up saying Internet Explorer is encountering a problem
and needs to close...   

I am wondering if there's any quick fix to solve this problem.  Many of
our users have started to like this toolbar.  Some already fall in love
with it.  I would appreciate it very much if someone could point me in
the right direction.  I have to admit that I hate to see such a
wonderful tool is not in use.  

Thanks in advance!

Sheau-Hwang Chang
Head of Library Systems
Maxwell Library
Bridgewater State College
Bridgewater, MA 02325
schang at bridgew.edu

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