[LibX] broken embedded cues in Amazon.com

Godmar Back godmar at gmail.com
Tue May 27 09:28:19 PDT 2008

Two comments:

First, there will always be an ongoing need to update. Such is the
nature of open source software that is supported by users. You "pay"
for LibX with your contribution to the testing and maintenance effort.
Developing software is expensive, and over 80% of the effort lies in
maintenance. In the open source model, these expenses are shared
between developers and users.

Second, as I pointed out, we share your concern and are close to
deploying a technological solution. From a technology point of view,
unfortunately, the cues aren't "basic stuff" --- they fundamentally
depend on decisions beyond our control. Amazon controls their website,
they can change it at their whim. We must follow. The existing web
technology does not allow for a robust way of interacting with their
site. This may change in the future if the so-called semantic web
arrives, but for now, we have to adjust whenever some engineer at
Amazon decides on a style change or code cleanup (as was the case
here; internally, the amazon.com site is a huge mess.)

 - Godmar

On Tue, May 27, 2008 at 12:11 PM, James Richard (DOS)
<richard.james at state.de.us> wrote:
> It makes me a little cool on the whole project too, strictly for
> organizational reasons, if there is going to be ongoing needs to update
> and reinstall. I am trying to install our version statewide in public
> libraries, but the installation environment is so locked-down that I
> can't contemplate having to spend two hours+ on a regular basis doing
> upgrades. I deliberately built a no-frills version with basic
> functionality for cues because I figured this would be sturdy, but have
> had to hold off on rolling out the service to other libraries because
> some of the basic stuff is misbehaving.
> Richard James
> Administrative Librarian
> Delaware Division of Libraries
> 302-739-4748 x.127
> richard.james at state.de.us
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> Amazon broke on May 23, it's since been fixed in the codebase for FF.
> IE is still broken.
> We're working on a LibX 1.5 system that allows updating of cues
> without requiring rebuild and reinstall of the extension. We're aiming
> to get this out with FF3.0.  During the next weeks, expect a highly
> agile codebase so be sure to test your revisions thoroughly.
>  - Godmar
> On Tue, May 27, 2008 at 11:58 AM, Mei Ling Lo <mlo at rci.rutgers.edu>
> wrote:
>> Two weeks ago, we rebuilt the LibX toolbar edition for Firefox.  The
>> cues worked for Amazon web site.
>> Last night, I tested it out for Amazon.  The cues have stopped
>> displaying on Amazon web sites.  They, however, continue to display on
>> Google Books and Barnes and Noble.
>> I have tried logging in and not logging in to Amazon.  Yet the cookies
>> do not seem to make a difference.
>> Does anyone have a similar problem?
>> Honestly, I am getting concerned about this problem.  We are planning
> to
>> install the toolbar on public machines.  It would be difficult to
>> rebuild the toolbar all the time because the image for the computers
> is
>> supposed to stay for a semester.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
>> Thank you.
>> Mei Ling Lo
>> Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
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