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A.Rust at neu.edu A.Rust at neu.edu
Thu May 22 07:21:34 PDT 2008

Hello, all.  Following this email discussion, I can note that we'd also 
appreciate the additional, explicit WorldCat support.  We're also running 
into another question I thought I'd throw out here.

 We're trying to find a way to "force" a location in WorldCat searches, 
either through creating an affiliate account or somehow adding a 
"loc=zipcode" to our initial search string.  (We started with contacting 
OCLC support about this because it seems more an WorldCat linking question 
rather than LibX bookmarklet question, but perhaps someone here has an 
easy answer.)  Here's the backstory:

We've taken the following format from the excellent LibX edition builder:

For an example query built via that format, try:

This provides a wonderful list of results, but once I enter the individual 
record screen, WorldCat uses my IP address to determine which libraries 
are closest.  As it should.  Unfortunately our library's outgoing IP 
servers seem to be 20 miles to the north of us.  So I've been hoping that 
there's some way to stick a location onto the search string.  I know that, 
for individual titles, the following works:

So I've tried sticking &loc=02115 at the end of the query string.  No 
luck, although perhaps I'm not using the correct syntax.  Has anyone else 
run into this problem?  And perhaps a solution?  Again, to clarify: we're 
not having problems setting up the Open WorldCat search, just in adding a 
specific location to the WorldCat search.  I tried looking through the 
published LibX editions, but didn't see much that looked applicable. 
Hopefully I missed something. 

It's also entirely possible that I'm asking ignorant questions -- I'm 
entirely new to the world of LibX and bookmarklets.

Thanks in advance,

Amanda Rust
Research & Instruction Librarian
270 Snell Library
Northeastern University 
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA  02115
Voice: 617-373-8548
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a.rust at neu.edu

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- In FF 3.0b5, multiple search fields are completely broken. This is
due to a bug in Firefox we're working on addressing.

- Prior to FF 3.0b5: if the search fields are of different type - say
search field 1 is Keyword and search field 2 is Title, it will search
both terms with their respective types. If the search fields are of
the same type, only the first one will be used. I assume that's what
you're seeing.

We've been toying off and on with the idea of providing explicit
support for Worldcat as a special catalog type, rather than using the
Bookmarklet. This may be the time to do it. Or, I'm thinking out loud
here, we could just collect all same-typed search terms from all
fields and place them space-separated in the corresponding field. Yes,
let's do that for now.

Could somebody add a note to libx.org/bugzilla so we don't forget.

 - Godmar
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