[LibX] Disabiling smart isbn linking in our own digital library website

Enrico Silterra es287 at cornell.edu
Wed May 14 09:04:13 PDT 2008

I would agree with this; people are going to find this confusing.
We also had some suggestions from  users: one of which is the following:

Instead of cluttering the right-click menu, all the different search 
options should be presented as a sub-menu.  In other words, when I 
right-click on a selected phrase, I should see a single entry in the 
menu called "Search for 'phrase'" which leads to the following sub-menu:
- as a keyword
- as a title
- as an author
- in Google Scholar

Just my 02 cents,
Rick Silterra

Samuele Kaplun wrote:
> Dear LibX developers,
> is there a way (or is there a plan to support this) to disable LibX feature on 
> the website for which a toolbar is configured?
> Suppose in fact that our website (for which LibX is configured) represent a 
> record with isbns. The toolbar will transoform them into links pointing (in 
> our case) to xisbn Worldcat service that reopen again our website with the 
> expanded search.
> Is there a way to disabling either entirely or isbn linking for just our 
> website so that we don't create useless loop?
> Thanks a lot, and keep up the excellent work. You're toolbar is definitively a 
> great addition to the set of user interface for a digital repository.
> Best regards,
> 	Samuele

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