[LibX] Design flexibility and LibX

Selden Deemer libssd at emory.edu
Thu May 1 11:37:31 PDT 2008

I use the LibX plugin, but not the toolbar itself, which I
keep hidden. I often found myself getting confused by the
proximity of the address box and the LibX search box. All the
functionality I care about is there without the toolbar being
visible, but it's very convenient to toggle on/off by clicking
on the "cue" icon at the bottom right of the browser window.

Thanks to Tim Knight for the F9 tip -- somehow I had missed
that one. It's even more convenient than clicking on the cue.

For me, this would be a low priority change in LibX.

Selden Deemer, Library Systems Administrator
Emory University Libraries
Atlanta, Georgia
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Karen G. Schneider writes:

> * Is it possible to modify the search bar for LibX so it is more, shall
> we say, petite--about the same width as other popular toolbars? 
> Karen G. Schneider
> Research and Development
> College Center for Library Automation
> kschneider at cclaflorida.org

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