[LibX] Design flexibility and LibX

Karen Schneider KSchneider at cclaflorida.org
Thu May 1 06:49:40 PDT 2008

Hi, I've been watching the LibX project for a while (even summarized it
in an internal report on emerging technologies) and very much admire all
the work that has gone into it. 

When I compare LibX to commercial toolbars, it provides some amazing
functionality. But every time I've installed it (and I just reinstalled
it with a local library's options), I have concerns about its aesthetics
and how these could hinder adoption.

I have two other toolbars in Firefox -- Google and WorldCat -- and they
both "know their place," so to speak. But LibX takes up an entire
separator, is the same width as my browser search bar, and overall takes
up a disproportionate amount of space for what it does. Its
functionality is great, but the library is *part* of our users'
experience... not the main event. Toolbars are optional...people have to
want to install them. Anything that interferes with that desire works
against our aims. 

* Is it possible to modify the search bar for LibX so it is more, shall
we say, petite--about the same width as other popular toolbars? 

* Do others in the LibX community see configuring the width of LibX as a
priority deliverable?

I had initially brought this up with the LibX people, but after
monitoring this list a few months decided to raise the question more

Again, terrific project that in function compares very favorably with
commercial toolbars. 

Karen G. Schneider
Research and Development
College Center for Library Automation
kschneider at cclaflorida.org

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