[LibX] Autolinking into a new tab and Google Scholar/Books

Chad Nelson c.nelson at londonmet.ac.uk
Thu Mar 6 08:33:49 PST 2008


Just started working with LibX and am finding it incredibly useful.

I do have some questions raised by colleagues I am trying to convince:

Is there a way to make the autolinking of ISBN's open into a new tab? I love
the feature with the xISBN results included, but I don't want to lose the
page I am currently on. I can't find a user end preference for this. Is it a
build side option?

Secondly, more of a query and trying to get my head around the way that libx
works: Why am I seeing cues to search my library catalogue in Google Books
results, but not in Google scholar? I have yet to set up our OpenURL search
in my libx, could that be it?

Thanks for all the great work.


Chad Nelson
Subject Librarian
Humanities, Arts and Languages
Governance and International Relations
London Metropolitan University
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