[LibX] updates about recent LibX improvements

LibX Project libx.org at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 12:22:51 PST 2008


here's a heads up on some improvements we recently rolled out to the
edition builder and LibX itself.

1. Better auto-detection support.  Endeca and Horizon should be
auto-detected now. In addition, we improved the Bookmarklet
auto-detection. You should now be able to enter the URL of any webpage
that contains one or more search forms, and the edition builder will
attempt to extract a URL template for each form on this page. [ Some
restrictions apply: no support for forms that use JavaScript
submissions or POST; limited support for radiobuttons, and no support
for forms that use HTML  <button> elements. ]
In addition, the auto-detection facility will now offer the import of
short icons for each catalog detected, based on a <link rel="shortcut
icon"> tag if one is found.

2. We've started integrating direct use of xISBN into LibX. xISBN is
now providing not only the set of related ISBNs, but it also provides
metadata such as author, title, publisher, etc. for an ISBN.
Currently, we use that to adjust the "tooltip" title element. If the
user hovers over an ISBN cue or a ISBN autolink, they can learn the
title/author of the book. Since this involves contacting OCLC, users
can turn this service off via the user preferences panel.

3. All cues were brought current (for LibX Firefox).

4.  We've added support for the OCLC OpenURL Gateway to LibX. This may
be of interest to adopters that don't have an OpenURL resolver
themselves, or don't know how to configure it; and also to adopters
that build LibX editions for a wider audience (e.g. multiple
institutions with multiple OpenURL resolvers), or anybody who'd find
this useful.  See the LibX Worldcat Edition at libx.org/worldcat for
an example.  The OCLC OpenURL gateway is an OpenURL resolver that
leads the user to an OpenURL resolver that is registered for the IP
address from which the user is currently connecting. If none is
registered, OCLC either leads the user to "Find in a library" or, in
some cases, it may simply complain that no resolver is registered.
If the user is "within range," e.g. is using a registered IP address,
and if the registered OpenURL resolver has an image registered, the
image associated with that resolver will be shown.

5. A full version of LibX IE (with all cues) is on our short timeline
and will be out hopefully soon.

 - Godmar

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