[LibX] directly addressing old revisions of LibX

Godmar Back godmar at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 11:08:12 PDT 2008

Melissa asked how to access previous LibX IE builds. Older builds of
IE are still reachable if you specify the revision in the URL.

LibX revisions use a simple URL scheme. The revision URLs are formed as follows:

Old style edition ids:
libx.org/editions/mu/  - Live revision prefix
libx.org/editions/mu.1/ - Revision 1 prefix
libx.org/editions/mu.2/ - Revision 2 prefix

For new style ids, it's
libx.org/editions/01/23/01234567 -  Live revision prefix
libx.org/editions/01/23/01234567.1 -  Revision 1 prefix
libx.org/editions/01/23/01234567.2 -  Revision 2 prefix

The prefix refers to a directory on our server.  Append config.xml to
get the config file. Append libx-editionid.xpi to get the FF .xpi
file, and append libx-editionid.exe to get the IE build.

So for instance, http://libx.org/editions/mu.7/libx-mu.exe refers to
the downloadable IE build for edition mu, revision 7.

 - Godmar

On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 1:52 PM, Belvadi, Melissa
<mbelvadi at maryville.edu> wrote:
> Is there any way we can keep older builds for IE? I rebuilt the toolbar
> for FF3 and discovered my link to the IE one is totally broken (404).
> I'd really like to be able to at least install the older IE build.
> Melissa
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> Subject: [LibX] LibX 1.5 for Firefox 3
> Hi,
> on Saturday, we've sent out an automated email to all maintainers of
> live editions that they ensure that their edition of LibX works for FF
> 3.0.
> This new version, which we call LibX 1.5, includes a new of small
> fixes and additional customizations, but the biggest change is under
> the hood: LibX 1.5 provides the ability to hot update cues. The credit
> for this implementation goes to Tobias Wieschnowsky.
> In this context, please make sure that your version of LibX works with
> FF 3, not just FF 2. At least one edition was affected by a FF3 bug
> that did not manifest when testing LibX under FF2.  In this case, the
> search options label (to the left of the user input box in the
> toolbar) would read "undefined" instead of Keyword etc.  I'm not
> certain why this bug showed up in some editions but not others, but I
> know that it is a regression bug that appears only in FF3. If your
> edition is affected by this bug, a rebuild (and making the new
> revision live) should fix it.
> Unfortunately, the LibX IE side lagged behind these changes, so for
> now we temporarily suspended LibX IE builds. We'll turn this ability
> on as soon as we have updated the LibX IE codebase.
>  - Godmar for the LibX Team
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