[LibX] ILL support

Belvadi, Melissa mbelvadi at maryville.edu
Thu Jun 12 13:22:31 PDT 2008

I was thinking of articles rather than books. In our case, we belong to
a huge state academic consortium called MOBIUS that has a special system
for borrowing books among members, so we do very little book ILL through
ILLiad anymore. And MOBIUS doesn't have an openurl-compliant request
form (it's a III InnReach system). I think a lot of other states have
similar systems. So any such feature probably needs as an edition
configuration option to turn on/off the feature separately for books vs
articles. And if the openurl server doesn't have local holdings in it, I
don't know how you can accurately offer that for articles.

Regarding SerSol and loading local holdings directly into the knowledge
base, I just talked to a sales rep about that feature and he assured me
that they had it, but any SerSol customers out there feel free to
clarify this point.


>> By "seller sites" I assume that you mostly mean publishers' sites,
> >Wiley, etc. I'm not sure what you mean by a "holdings" check. Are you
> >considering a feature that would actually check our openurl holdings
> >the background and only offer them the embedded cue if we don't show
>> holdings?
>Yes, saying "we don't own this book, would you like us to request it
for you?"
 >- Godmar

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