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Ross Singer rossfsinger at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 11:03:12 PDT 2008

Just to clear the record here, I think most commercial link resolvers
have the option of suppressing ILL if there's a match in electronic or
print holdings.

Most libraries disable that, however, because of the frequency of
false positives at the electronic and print level.  When I initially
rolled out the Umlaut at Georgia Tech, there was an uproar over the
fact that I had disabled ILL if there were any matches to the incoming
citation.  I finally caved an added it to the 'Need help?' page (since
I figured they could add text to guide the user to ILL in the event of
a database claiming it had an article that actually didn't -- instead
of just randomly giving them the option all the time).


On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 1:51 PM, Godmar Back <godmar at gmail.com> wrote:
> Those are good thoughts, but:
> Your OpenURL server is unique (thanks to you, Melissa) in that it
> actually checks what you own before offering ILL. Most OpenURL servers
> don't, however. (Which makes me wonder why there isn't an outcry from
> ILL departments flooded with requests for items already owned. Maybe
> it's because they offer this option last, usually.)
> The PMID and DOI case can be handled in LibX logic, either by ignoring
> those OpenURLs or by actually looking up the metadata. If I recall,
> both identifiers can be resolved with web services.
> So, let me rephrase the question. Assuming that the problems above can
> be tackled, are there places where pointing to ILL would be good or
> preferable to OpenURL?
> One that comes to mind is seller sites (once we connect them to a
> holdings check); for most of those sites, and for most OpenURL
> resolvers out there, ILL is really the only option.
>  - Godmar
> On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 1:23 PM, Belvadi, Melissa
> <mbelvadi at maryville.edu> wrote:
>> We use ILLiad, and we have its openurl-compliant capability linked
>> through our openurl server results. I wouldn't want to have patrons go
>> straight to ILLiad through some other link and bypass the openurl
>> server, for a few reasons. The first is of course inappropriate requests
>> for things we actually own. The second is that I don't believe ILLiad
>> supports lookups for things like DOI and PMID, as our openurl server
>> does, so the user needs the openurl server to handle fetching the proper
>> complete citation for ILLiad. The third is that the openurl server
>> offers other options that might serve the patron better than waiting for
>> the ILL request to complete (eg. links to other area openurl servers
>> where they might have borrowing/online privileges) which they wouldn't
>> see if they went straight to the ILLiad request form.
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>> On the topic of ILL support (raised in a separate thread), I'd like to
>> note that LibX could support ILL in the following way:
>> Many institutions appear to be using ILLiad, which uses
>> OpenURL-compatible query syntax. In fact, many institutions' ILLiad
>> server is listed in the OpenURL registry (where the edition builder
>> will find it and offer to import it), and those whose ILLiad server is
>> not can easily configure it as a second OpenURL resolver. Given that
>> we therefore could easily achieve the ability to configure ILL ability
>> for many editions, I'm wondering how to use it.
>> On which pages would you like your users to alert to the possibility
>> that they could obtain an item via ILL? Where do you get most ILL
>> requests from?
>>  - Godmar
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