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Belvadi, Melissa mbelvadi at maryville.edu
Thu Jun 12 10:23:07 PDT 2008

We use ILLiad, and we have its openurl-compliant capability linked
through our openurl server results. I wouldn't want to have patrons go
straight to ILLiad through some other link and bypass the openurl
server, for a few reasons. The first is of course inappropriate requests
for things we actually own. The second is that I don't believe ILLiad
supports lookups for things like DOI and PMID, as our openurl server
does, so the user needs the openurl server to handle fetching the proper
complete citation for ILLiad. The third is that the openurl server
offers other options that might serve the patron better than waiting for
the ILL request to complete (eg. links to other area openurl servers
where they might have borrowing/online privileges) which they wouldn't
see if they went straight to the ILLiad request form.

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On the topic of ILL support (raised in a separate thread), I'd like to
note that LibX could support ILL in the following way:

Many institutions appear to be using ILLiad, which uses
OpenURL-compatible query syntax. In fact, many institutions' ILLiad
server is listed in the OpenURL registry (where the edition builder
will find it and offer to import it), and those whose ILLiad server is
not can easily configure it as a second OpenURL resolver. Given that
we therefore could easily achieve the ability to configure ILL ability
for many editions, I'm wondering how to use it.

On which pages would you like your users to alert to the possibility
that they could obtain an item via ILL? Where do you get most ILL
requests from?

 - Godmar
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