[LibX] broken embedded cues in Amazon.com

Arif Khokar aikhokar at cs.vt.edu
Sun Jun 1 05:01:57 PDT 2008

Selden Deemer wrote:

> "Amazon broke on May 23, it's since been fixed in the codebase for FF. 
> IE is still broken."
> Is there a rough estimate for when Amazon cue will work with IE? 
> Since it's summer, I don't feel pressure to fix this ASAP, and 
> would prefer to be able to handle both browsers with a single 
> new build -- especially if the IE problem is likely to be fixed 
> before, say, the end of June.

I fixed the problem back on the 27th.  If you've rebuilt the edition 
since then and are still having problems with the cue, then please let 
us know.

Arif Khokar
aikhokar at cs.vt.edu

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