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Suttle, George GeorgeS at spokanefalls.edu
Tue Feb 26 08:41:49 PST 2008

We also use Universal Borrowing, and such a feature/option for LibX would be terrific for us; as a small community college library, we usually do -not- have the book sources people search for, but thanks to our cooperative agreements with larger university libraries and Universal Borrowing, we can get them. Having such results easily accessible would make LibX an even more valuable tool for us.

Unfortunately, I have zero programming ability, so I can only plead for such a feature from those who know how and have the time...



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I assume you're talking about this page:
where you click "Connect", then are led to another page where some
kind of metasearch across multiple catalogs is performed?

A cursory examination reveals that the first page assigns a hidden
session identifier, which then must be carried along on the second

I'd verify with your vendor that no deep-linking syntax exists.  If
one does exist, we can create a bookmarklet.

If one doesn't exist, a custom catalog is required. The bad news here
is that it involves 2-3 hours of custom programming work. It can be
done without requiring any changes to the LibX base, actually.
If you're up to it, I could provide pointers and guidance, or if
there's sufficient interest and if this resource is widely used, we
could consider adding it to the supported catalog types.

 - Godmar

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