[LibX] EZProxy proxy_url check

Dave Hoover dhoover at rci.rutgers.edu
Fri Feb 15 15:00:52 PST 2008


I have made a libx extension and added in our Institutions proxy url,
ProxyURLPassword and chose to disable link if proxy check fails. When
I download and install the toolbar into Firefox, anytime I right click
on a link I know is in the proxy.cfg I get the "No access by proxy"
message in the menu that opens.

I have verified that EZProxy is setup correctly to use the webservice
as I can use the /proxy_url  and the EZProxy test page to put in 
submissions that work.

I am assuming that anytime I right click on a link on our libraries
web page (which is in ezproxy.cfg) I should be sending a request off
and the link should have changed to Access through our proxy?

Is there anything else required to make the automatic check work ?


Dave Hoover
Systems Programmer
Rutgers University Libraries
dhoover at rci.rutgers.edu

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