[LibX] Automatic rebuilds (was Re: FireFox 3 [Libx Digest, Vol 19, Issue 4])

Richard Karnesky karnesky at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 13:38:13 PST 2008

> This may be a good time to ask the list's feedback on how updates like
> this should be handled.
> we could automatically create
> new, FF3 compatible revisions for all editions that have been made
> live
> - leave it as is (allow downloads, but let FF disable it when 3.0
> comes since the build hasn't been made live.)

Your server resources permitting, I think that it would be useful to
auto-generate new builds, email the maintainer, and then allow an
infinite time for the maintainer to test it and make it live.  Edition
maintainers would still have the burden of giving the final approval,
but it seems this would be relaxed as much as possible.  Ideally, this
could be done before Firefox 3 was released & reminder emails could be
sent near the Firefox 3 release date for any maintainers who were
lagging behind.

If rebuilds are too expensive (processing time, space), it would be nice
to add a new preference to the online edition builder about what would
trigger an automatic re-build of the edition.  It might be nice to
choose whether to allow for automatic deployment (if it was mutually
agreed between the LibX team & the individual edition maintainer to do


(who would be happy to test w/ FF 3)

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