[LibX] update toolbar through image deployment

Arif Khokar aikhokar at cs.vt.edu
Thu Dec 4 16:17:35 PST 2008

Chang, Sheau-Hwang wrote:
> Godmar,
> It is a quite important to have this capability.  Our IT only creates 
> desktop images for the library and the labs on the campus and deploys 
> them at the beginning of each semester.  Unless something breaks, it 
> is very difficult to ask them to re-create images.  Please consider 
> this situation in the future development.  

One option, which doesn't exist now, would be to implement an update for 
configuration files only.  This way, computers running the extension can 
automatically retrieve updated files from our server.  Ideally we would 
want to minimize the number of scenarios that require one to actually 
rebuild the program libraries that the extension depends on (the 
installation of those requires Administrative privileges).

The problem with that is that with the current design, adding new 
catalog types, for instance, requires the sources for the extension to 
be rebuilt and uploaded to the server.

> As to the option of triggering the updates, would you please let me 
> know where I can find this information?  

Right now, updates are triggered either automatically by querying our 
server to check whether a new version of the edition is available or 
manually through the preferences menu.  In either case, IE must be 
running with Administrator rights in order to complete the update process.

Arif Khokar
aikhokar at cs.vt.edu

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