[LibX] Amazon.com

Arif Khokar aikhokar at cs.vt.edu
Thu Aug 7 09:52:14 PDT 2008

Ed Jones wrote:

> I don't know if this is a transient problem or something more.  When I 
> view a book page at Amazon.com this morning, I'm getting a JavaScript 
> error on the IE version of LibX (though the cue appears and functions 
> correctly); on the Firefox version, the cue fails to appear.

I can't speak for the Firefox version, but what you're experiencing in 
IE appears to be related to a bug we're still dealing with.  Could you 
let me know if you get the the JavaScript error prompt if you open a new 
instance of IE and go directly to the same link on the Amazon website 
versus navigating through a few pages first before going to the Amazon 

Arif Khokar
aikhokar at cs.vt.edu

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