[LibX] IE install

Jim Campbell campbell at virginia.edu
Thu Sep 13 10:03:53 PDT 2007

Agreed that you don't need to close everything, but I still wonder if you
don't need to close IE. When I was troubleshooting the reports from our
users, I tried closing IE after the install but still got a bad install.
Closing IE at the beginning of the process worked.  Does Windows need to
write something to the registry during the install and is not allowed to do
that while IE is open?  Anyway, it could also be some local weirdness, so
maybe someone else could try it?

I've only heard back from 4 people so far and interestingly it was the two
more computer-literate people who had the problem, so a specific warning one
way or the other might not be a bad idea.

- Jim Campbell
Campbell at Virginia.edu

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> My understanding is that it doesn't matter if IE is open or 
> not. What is essential is that you *close it after the 
> install* before using the toolbar. This is because IE will 
> only load the toolbar on a fresh start, but not while it's 
> already running and a new window is opened.
> But closing all applications is not required.
> Unfortunately, the installer is not smart enough to close the 
> old IE for you before starting a new instance, so you have to 
> do that yourself. But, you're right, we could add a note to 
> that effect.
>  - Godmar
> On 9/13/07, Jim Campbell <campbell at virginia.edu> wrote:
> > I asked library staff to give the IE version a try before 
> we go public 
> > and have had a couple of very positive reports, but I've also heard 
> > from two people who got a seeemingly successful install but then 
> > couldn't see the toolbar.  Uninstalling and reinstalling 
> did the trick 
> > for both of them, and I think the difference was that the 
> first time 
> > they still had IE open when they installed. If they closed 
> it before installing, then all went well.
> >
> > Given that many people ignore the little warning about closing ALL 
> > programs before installing, would it be worthwhile putting in a 
> > specific warning about closing IE?
> >
> > - Jim Campbell
> > Campbell at Virginia.edu
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