[LibX] request when submitting bug reports for LibX IE

Godmar Back godmar at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 09:39:06 PDT 2007

As you test LibX IE, please submit the following information when
submitting bug reports:

- a list of what other plugins, if any, you have installed. Examples
include the Google and Yahoo toolbars, as well as other third-party
plugins. In IE7, the "Manage Add-On" button would give you a list.

- the libxLog.txt file. It can be found in your Application Data
folder in a subfolder named libx. On a typical Windows XP install,
this folder would be located in C:\Documents and
Settings\Administrator\Application Data\LibX
where you place your own username instead of "Administrator".  On some
machines, you may have to turn on "show system files and folders" or
"show hidden files and folders" in your explorer preferences,
otherwise Windows would hide the "Application Data" folder.
The log file is in LibX\logs\libxLog.txt

- other pertinent information such as screenshots, and whether the
problem occurred only on one page or on multiple pages, and what you
were trying to do, if anything.

- if you've changed the user preferences for the context menu, also
send a copy of the file userprefs.xml in the LibX directory in your
Application Data directory.

- if you have the option to do so, try disabling or uninstalling
other, potentially conflicting extensions.

Please keep in mind that writing LibX for IE is a lot more complicated
than it is for Firefox. Microsoft's architecture does not lend itself
to extend IE easily; conflicts between different toolbars are common.
We have tested coexistence with the Google and Yahoo toolbars, but not
with many others.

 - Godmar

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