[LibX] LibX for IE ready for download

Selden Deemer libssd at emory.edu
Wed Sep 12 13:44:44 PDT 2007

Hats off to the LibX team! I had a little trouble finding
the edition builder page under the new site organization,
but eventually got there, logged in, and built a new test

Installed with MSIE 7 (version 7.0.5730.11) and most functions
appear to work as expected. However, I don't see support for

FF prefs show Autolinking as the last choice under the General
Preferences tab. MSIE shows "Cues Prefence" as the last choice
under the General Preferences tab. I've looked around the
preferences, but haven't found an autolink preference anywhere
in the MSIE version.

Autolinking is one of those dynamite features that really
sells LibX -- especially for PubMed users. Highlighting
PMID: 17573489 and then right-clicking brings up a
"Search FindIt @ Emory for PubMed ID "17573489" works, but
is much less convenient.

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Emory University Libraries
Atlanta, Georgia
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